We've Changed Our Name!

TenaCheck.com is now TenaScan.com. You will still receive the same great service and quality reporting that you always have, with simplified ordering, compliance process and products to serve you better. Please review the new products carefully as they have changed.

All of your account information has been securely migrated.

• Your Account Login will still work at TenaScan.com

• All of your search history is still available at TenaScan.com

• The migration process is seamless, just visit the new website address

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Why The Change?

The truth is that TenaCheck.com and TenaScan.com have always been operated by the same company: Integrascan, LLC. The two separate sites were initially established to serve different customer needs ... one for more commercial customers and the other for smaller landlords.

What we've learned is that the needs of both markets are not all that dissimilar and could be best served with focus on a single brand/site.

How Does This Affect Me?

The migration should be mostly seemless to you, we've done everything we can to keep the same service and reporting qualtiy you have always come to expect from us. Because the two sites were always hosted on our same servers, your account login and search history have been moved securely, without the data ever leaving our servers.

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